Please note that unfortunately the project is stopped. However you can find the full sourcecode on github here:



Sculpting kernel available as an SDK for any 3D polygonal engine for web and desktop (C++, C#, javascript…): As a proof of concept, it has already been integrated in Babylon.js (web 3D engine), Open Scene Graph (desktop 3D engine), and Unity (game development tool).

Boolean mesh (beta version): Ability to merge one object with another, or to subtract one object to another.

Surface merging: Will automatically join separated parts when touching each other.

Surface splitting: User will be able to pierce through objects, making a clear hole from one side to another, just by digging into the matter.

Dynamic tessellation: Triangle density is modified locally on the mesh depending on the needs. This means for example that if you’re using a tiny brush for sculpting, the tessellation will get more precise within the modification zone. On the other side it could get less dense if you stroke with a broader brush.

Access the model as a whole or by fragments: Accessing model by fragments is useful on very high poly count meshes (over millions of triangles), or if the engine is constrained to a limited mesh size (like in Unity).

Integration with VR: A demo app will be created as a proof of concept.


Paint: Ability to color paint on the object.

Textured model compatibility: uv’s will be preserved.

Network capabilities: to be able to create collaboratively, remotely.

… and many more to come! Feel free to express your needs !