Please note that unfortunately the project is stopped. However you can find the full sourcecode on github here:


As a former video game programmer, I spent most of my time working closely with professional artists. I was amazed by what they can do, but when I tried to 3D model by myself, I realized that it wasn’t so easy! That’s why I was surprised when I first saw a sculpting tool, it was by far simpler and more intuitive to create!

Today, founding Tectrid, I want to provide sculpting to a wide range of people, and more generally easy ways of creating 3D content. That’s why I focused on a SDK that could be plugged into any existing 3D engine.

This way any company that needs to integrate that kind of capabilities into their own tools could do so, and Tectrid could still build an end-user app if there’s need to.

I also think that the best technology is the one the user doesn’t see, doesn’t feel, because it just works! So Tectrid will be struggling to provide the best 3D modeling software component to achieve this goal.

Erwan Le Goffic, Tectrid’s founder.